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[tor-talk] Who said it takes hours of latency to fix anonymity?

I'm sorry to disturb with this, but I am being confronted with
hearsay about Roger D. having said that it would take latencies
in the order of hours to fully make communications impossible
to shape and correlate. And that hearsay is being purported as
generic for any kind of anonymization network. To me, if it is
true, this only makes sense applied to Tor's low latency approach
of things. A system that uses shaping-resistant fixed size packets
would not need latencies in the order of hours to be provably
successfully anonymizing even in the face of a pervasive global
attacker, and I presume several papers in anonbib propose viable
strategies concerning that. They are just too many to pick one to
start from. Am I missing a clue? I am so embarrassed to ask this,
I don't even feel like mailing Roger about it. I prefer having 
more advanced questions to ask.

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