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Re: [tor-talk] Tor over SSH (torsocks) (?)

> Is torsocks still a safe way to do this?

I can't say anything interesting about torsocks as a program, and am a
happy user. But there are some interesting gotchas, mostly caused by the
convenient but unnecessary *magic* in modern interactive shells.

One example: Type

  $ torsocks git push local_brach:remote_br

into a bash prompt on a stock Debian system (with real branch names and
the name of the remote branch not complete). Then press tab for
auto-completion. The branch name will actually be auto-completed, but
the connection to the repository needed to get the list of branche names
won't use torsocks and Tor.

Die ich rief, die Geister, / Werd' ich nun nicht los.

There are ways to solve such problems though, like `man iptables` and a
lot of free time. Or just using Tails.

I have no idea if similar problems also apply to ssh.

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