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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy prevents Thunderbird loading multi-OS bug: Is TorBirdy dev. dead?


On 2/24/15, KevinB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <KevinB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This issue has been ongoing for months now.
> I think I read Ioerror write he isn't interested in fixing the bug for
> Windows, but Sukhbir is willing (yet unable to even reproduce the bug).
> This bug is NOT only for Windows, it's for many OSes.
> Is TorBirdy going the way of Vidalida?
> All of these bug reports seem to be the same issue?
> #14099 (Windows 7 & FreeBSD)
> #14130 (Xubuntu)
> #14007 (Windows 7 & Ubuntu)
> #13722 (LinuxMint)

TorBirdy development is not dead by any means - relevant updates will
be posted to the bugs as progress is made. I've personally not been
able to reproduce this bug - which is part of the issue with solving

All the best,
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