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Re: [tor-talk] Not able to download Tor to droid]]

With technical problems at Rugged Inbox Friday and Saturday, I was not
able to respond over the weekend.  Sorry.  I did try to download from
https://f-droid.org/.  It remarked on the screen the download had indeed
begun, but was not completed.  -- Had already tried to look for the
earlier Tor download on the hard drive, but believe I had already deleted
it before re-attempting to download Tor the other day. Regardless, it was
not on the Menu.  Also tried looking for Tools/Downloads in Firefox as
suggested, but couldn't find it.  Since I can't find the new download,
think I probably need to do a factory reset.  Apparently, the tablet needs
at least some of the factory apps to successfully download Tor.  Although
the download problem was there BEFORE I deleted the google apps.  The
droid release is 5.0.  While I was able to scour the Menu, there isn't a
better way to search the hard drive on a droid as in Windows?  Thanks
again to all of you. libertyinperil
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Subject: Re: [tor-talk] Not able to download Tor to droid
From:    libertyinperil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date:    Wed, February 3, 2016 8:50 pm
To:      tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The url Tor was downloaded from is guardianproject.info/apps/orbot
direct download(.apk).  I tried doing so again after your response.  The
tablet operating system indicated it had downloaded, -- but it had not. If
it is still on the droid hard drive, how do I find it? Is there a search
function as in Windows?
... Kindly be advised, I did get rid of all the google and other
commercial apps on the tablet earlier after Tor would not properly
download.  Every one I could find.  Are any of these apps required by the
droid to download Orbot? -- Will not download from the google store since
they demand registration and do track. The ISP does not appear to be a
factor since it is public, a coffee shop. Have had no problems downloading
Tor updates to Windows machines there.  The droid I'm trying to download
Tor to is a tablet, not a phone.  Thanks for your help.  libertyinperil

> On January 30, 2016 2:11:03 PM PST, Richard
> <lists-tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Date: Saturday, January 30, 2016 20:50:22 +0100
>>> From: libertyinperil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Have used Tor for years with no problems on Windows.  Tried to
download Tor to a new RCA droid tablet and kept getting message "This is
not Tor." This was done before shutting off all apps
>>> designed by Google to line its pockets.  With everything turned off
that could be turned off, it no longer downloads at all.
>>> Received an error message from Firefox when all apps were
>>> installed that there is indeed a bug problem with downloads of over
1Mb long.  Can you help?  Kindly remember I am not a software
engineer, only a user.  Don't have the expertise your techs and
engineers have.  Appreciate whatever help you can give.  Thanks.
>>You need to provide more specifics for anyone to be able to give you
much help.
>>What "Tor" are you trying to download, from where? Provide the
>>URL(s). [If you are doing this from the app store with the "google play"
app installer, go to <https://play.google.com/store/apps> with a
browser, locate what you're after, and provide the URL(s) for the app(s)
that way.]
>>I am not aware of any issues with downloading large files with
>>firefox for android. If you are trying to do this over cell data your
mobile carrier may be imposing restrictions, but that's a
>>separate issue.
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