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Re: [tor-talk] A possible way to make end-users to contribute to Tor exit traffic

On 2/7/16 1:25 PM, nusenu wrote:
> Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) - lists:
>>>> - it is *not* a good idea to run exits from your home (limited exit
>>>> policies are no guarantee for no troubles)
>> It depends only on how finely we can be capable of precisely defining
>> the destinations to which you're sending your Tor exit traffic.
>> If i get all the Google's IP of their 17 Autonomous System and will only
>> enable that configured in an Exit Policy, do you expect to receive abuse
>> requests from Google? I don't think so.
> I wouldn' worry that these users - actually their ISPs - get abuse spam
> by Google but more the 'LEA / court order asking Google: Which IP was
> sending that email?'
> type of scenario.

That risks surely exists, but given that top-10 internet destinations
are handled by few large corporations, it would be relatively easier to
advocate them to have their legal department to always consider the Tor
Exonerator when answering their LEA inquiry.

If Tor Project and EFF engage to have Google's Legal department handling
LEA inquiry to always check if that IP address has been Tor or not and
return that information, the deal is done.

Obviously it's much easier to do that with the top-10 internet company
than with everyone of the internet.

Assuming that the top-10 internet company are also the top-10
destination traffic, then, WIN! :-)

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif)
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