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Re: [tor-talk] using obfsclient

Cant u just write  a plugin in Py for obfs support to ur vpn?

Kuhr Stefan <S.Kuhr@xxxxxxxxxx> skrev: (4 februari 2016 10:52:32 CET)
>Hello everyone,
>dunno if this ist the correct list to ask these questions, please let
>me know where to place them appropriately if not:
>We want to bundle software from the tor project with our VPN product,
>specifically the pluggable transports, most specifically obfs2 and
>obfs3. While we could do this with the binaries that ship with the tor
>browser bundle (I assume we can just take them and ship them with our
>product, alongside the tor license file, right?), we would very much
>appreciate to use obfsclient instead of obfsproxy from the TBB,
>assuming it is still actively supported.
>I failed to build obfsclient on Ubuntu and cygwin (where can I ask
>questions regarding my build errors?), but I managed to cobble together
>a binary running on Windows built with MSVC, but when debugging it, I
>noticed that all behaviour of obfsclient is controlled using
>environment variables. Is there any documentation regarding the usage
>of these environment variables? What we want to do is run obfsclient as
>a local proxy for an openvpn client, much like we would do with
>"obfsproxy.exe obfs2 socks". What would be the
>equivalent of this using obfsclient?
>Any help appreciated,
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Sincerly Flipchan
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