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[tor-talk] using obfsclient

Hello everyone,

dunno if this ist the correct list to ask these questions, please let me know where to place them appropriately if not:

We want to bundle software from the tor project with our VPN product, specifically the pluggable transports, most specifically obfs2 and obfs3. While we could do this with the binaries that ship with the tor browser bundle (I assume we can just take them and ship them with our product, alongside the tor license file, right?), we would very much appreciate to use obfsclient instead of obfsproxy from the TBB, assuming it is still actively supported.

I failed to build obfsclient on Ubuntu and cygwin (where can I ask questions regarding my build errors?), but I managed to cobble together a binary running on Windows built with MSVC, but when debugging it, I noticed that all behaviour of obfsclient is controlled using environment variables. Is there any documentation regarding the usage of these environment variables? What we want to do is run obfsclient as a local proxy for an openvpn client, much like we would do with "obfsproxy.exe obfs2 socks". What would be the equivalent of this using obfsclient?

Any help appreciated,

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