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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: Cryptopolitik and the Darknet

> cyber

> survival

> darkness, darknet, dark web, "hidden in the dark"

> useful analogy for explaining onion services: Alice buys drugs from Bob

> "research": grab a bunch of hidden addresses from ahmia and other indexes

> our "research" shows how onion services are used in practice

> manually chosen hidden service "taxonomy": 10 "illicit" categories,
> 1 "non-illicit" category

> oh btw, here's an assortment of quotes we pulled right from the internet, err
> excuse me, the DARKNET, for us to collectively feel aghast and disgusted at

> the Tor developers wanted to enlighten, but created darkness instead

> onion services: a political risk to cryptography itself

> onion services: the proverbial dark alleyways

> hidden services are the equivalent of shoot first, ask questions later

> apple, google, facebook

> "open source"

> hacking: computer-network exploitation

> kill onion services to save Tor!

> these widely abused platforms are and should be fair game for the most
> aggressive intelligence and law-enforcement techniques, as well as for
> invasive academic research

> etc.

Pure unadulterated anti onion service fud. Really, grarpamp, why even bring
this shit up?
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