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Re: [tor-talk] Which webmail providers are Tor friendly.

> Please see below for a couple of questions. Thanks for your input.
>> Sigaint.org is an excellent option. Their onion mailservers peer with
>> some of the other onion mailservers. And they have a clearnet gateway,
>> unlike many of the other other onion mailservers. But users can only
>> access their onion mailserver and webmail.
> What do you mean by onion mailservers peering with other onion
> mailservers?

He means onion MTAs directly communicating in order to deliver the message to
its destination:
https:// en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Mail_transfer_agent
https:// tools.ietf .org/html/rfc5321#section-3.6
https:// tools.ietf .org/html/rfc5321#section-5

The implicit promise is that if the message originates from and is destined to
an onion address, it never leaves the Tor network.

>> There are many onion mail services that don't talk with clearnet
>> mailservers. In particular, there are at least 30 OnionMail servers,
>> and
>> a script is available for creating one.
> What do you mean by these 30 onion mailservers.

He means "OnionMail": http:// en.onionmail .info/directory.html

> Presumably they are
> .onion webmail providers? Are they public? Can anyone use them?

They are mail servers running behind onion services. Not necessarily "web".
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