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[tor-talk] Tor Browser for OpenBSD update

The Tor BSD Diversity Project (https://torbsd.github.io/) has done some
substantial overhauling of TB for OpenBSD in the past week, with a bunch
of releases aimed at refining the port.

We are still at version 5.5 and are in development mode, but we'll be
working on 5.5.2 in the near future. We are fully aware of the
vulnerabilities in version 5.5 and 5.5.1.

Getting TB into the OpenBSD ports would be an enormously important step.
OpenBSD maintains fanatical and refreshing attention to clean, correct
code. For instance, OpenBSD project forked OpenSSL in 2014 with LibreSSL
(.org), which is a tighter, more secure implementation that is fully

The README files for installation directions are located in the
appropriate architecture directory at

A short list of recent changes includes:

* the creation of i386 TB packages
* elimination of unnecessary packaging in favor of native Mozilla
mechanisms wherever possible
* reworking of run-dependencies and the addition of a meta port to aid
in installation
* reworking of the Firefox addon .xpi packaging to be kinder to the
filesystem (torbutton, tor-launcher, noscript, https-everywhere)

We are getting very useful feedback from the main OpenBSD developer who
is focused on Mozilla porting.

We are regularly keeping the blog updated at
https://torbsd.github.io/blog.html as we make progress.

Feedback always welcome for the testers and code-readers out there.


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