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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser for OpenBSD update


>> We are regularly keeping the blog updated at
>> https://torbsd.github.io/blog.html as we make progress.
>> Feedback always welcome for the testers and code-readers out there.
> I see your correspondence in OpenBSD's ports mailing list, but I don't have
> clear understanding about future OpenBSD 5.9 release. Whether the inclusion
> of the port of tbb in it? I mean stable port tree for OpenBSD 5.9.

There is currently an OpenBSD ports tree freeze, so it doesn't look like
we can make it for the 5.9 stable release cycle. Ports tree freezes
happen before the 6 months release cycle. Outside of important security
fixes, there's really no chance for new ports to get added.

However, we're pretty optimistic that TB will get into the OpenBSD ports
tree sooner than later. It's been a lot of work since the OpenBSD
project is very strict about new ports, particularly ones which are even
vaguely connected to preexisting ones, such as
Firefox-extended-service-release, which TB is based on.



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