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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: Cryptopolitik and the Darknet

On 2/25/16, Yaron Goland <yarong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Tor has argued that we have the right to listen without being forced to
> expose our identity. Don't we also have the right to be heard without being
> forced to expose our identity?

This can only partially be achieved at the moment - think "network
shock testing" by a state-level actor (i.e. someone like NSA who has
pervasive network monitoring, and some link-level control) - so you
have say a juicy government leak, whip it up on your local Tor
'anonymous' web server, and the state actor, monitoring the
underground forum you happen to mention your leak on, floods your IP
connection with 100 tor connections, then after only ~3% of the
download each, disconnects those 100 connections simultaneously.

The immediate and corresponding drop in bandwidth consumption by your
particular mobile phone computer is noted, and thereafter you are
specifically targeted in other ways.

> It would be awful if just as people's personal devices are powerful to give
> them a voice, Tor takes away the infrastructure needed to make that voice
> audible.

Being able to publish, and being able to publish pseudo-anonymously,
are different things, and pseudo-anonymous publishing will not be
removed from Tor, but please be aware of its limitations.

(If hidden services were removed, Tor would be immediately forked and
the current devs would lose their credibility, so don't worry about
that part, but frankly, that's the least of our problems anyway...)

Good luck,
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