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Re: [tor-talk] Time for p2p, content addressed, pre-emptively cached web pages - Tor Project Accuses CloudFlare of Mass Surveillance, Sabotaging Traffic

Please see https://github.com/Ayms/node-Tor#convergence

That's very summarized but is not a vague idea at all, it does not
reinvent the wheel but just tries to mix the best of what exists and
introduces new concepts.

Basically the system is a p2p network inside browsers using WebRTC and
the Tor protocol between peers (same principles as Peersm, peers are
connected to others via two hops and the circuits can be extended to
others making quite difficult for a peer to even know what role it is
playing while relaying data), handling digital IDs and peers/content
discovery (cf some examples given in the Eccentric thread), allowing to
build services on top of it, among those Tor traffic relayed by
browsers, making it impossible to block/captchatized by Cloudflare & co.

It is obvious that p2p networks can't work without a sufficient numbers
of peers, so there are some ideas too to motivate the peers to run
browser's instances in background to sustain the network.

Not all answers are available since this is part of a study for which I
am currently writing a proposal in order to fund it, not sure the
funding attempt will work but people can encourage it they find it

Le 28/02/2016 00:25, Zenaan Harkness a écrit :
> Perhaps someone can design something to counteract the CIA and NSA's
> Cloudflare tool?
> Evidently we need a better way to read our news and blogs. Cloudflare
> is getting to pervasive.
> http://yro.slashdot.org/story/16/02/26/1816211/tor-project-accuses-cloudflare-of-mass-surveillance-sabotaging-traffic
> Tor Project Accuses CloudFlare of Mass Surveillance, Sabotaging Traffic
> From the men-in-the-middle department
> An anonymous reader writes: Tensions are rising between Tor Project
> administrators and CloudFlare, a CDN and DDoS mitigation service
> that's apparently making the life of Tor users a living hell. Tor
> administrators are saying that CloudFlare is...

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