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[tor-talk] Romanian translation for Tor and request for dump of Romanian translation files

Hello, I am looking at getting a little into helping translate Tor and
especially Tor Browser.

1. There is no Romanian version of Tor Browser for download.

2. I see in Transifex that the Romanian translation is almost complete
(only 2 strings were missing).

3. In the Transifex translation there is obsolete orthography for Romanian
(pre-1993). Some people are still passionate about using the old
orthography, but the upstream Firefox and just about any piece of software
out there is on the standard. I am not intrinsicly opposed to keeping it as
it is (after all, it's people's hard work), just to have a discussion about
it with Romanian localizers.

4. I would need a dump of the translation files for Romanian to do a more
thorough analysis. I can't easily download them from the transifex


There are over 40 of them and if I need to redownload it's a lot of work to
click-click-click-save from the web interface. I can't figure out a way to
automatically grab all the Romanian resources at that URL and any help
would be greatly welcomed.


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