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Re: [tor-talk] Teaching people to use Tor

Hi m ajiao, would You say that the biggest problem is in the technical or that there is very poor documentation that works for chinese People?

m.ajiao@xxxxxxx skrev: (7 februari 2017 09:20:06 CET)
>Hello, Tor Teachers!
>I am a hobbyist programmer from Asia, where the general public don't
>use Tor. My spare time job is raise people's awareness on mass
>surveillance and teach them how to protect their identities on the
>Internet when they are doing sensitive, controversial and semi-illegal
>- Tor is heavily censored in China. Internet is heavily censored in
>China. But people don't know how Internet censorship works. Though
>there is a big firewall, many people don't know how will digital
>surveillance affects their safety. The general computer users are more
>than eager to install govt-sponsored adware and spyware to use the
>Internet more conveniently [1]. Web browsers from China don't check for
>HTTPS certificates and Man in middle attacks. Citizen Labs caught Baidu
>on spying on their users. [2]
>- Tor is not used widely in Japan, though Japan does not have heavy
>Internet censorship. They prefer to use "homemade" software, for
>example the close source, discontinued P2P software Perfect Dark [1],
>which is not safe at all.
>[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_Dark_%28P2P%29
>- Controversial events occurred, which has the potential raise people's
>awareness of privacy, anonymity and mass surveillance.
>    (On extraorbitant profits) Theories suggest a Chinese video
>streaming company filed complaints to Kyoto cyber police, asking local
>police to arrest Chinese college students:
>    (On legality) Chinese headlines suggest it is the first case in
>which Japanese cyber police actually took action to arrest people for
>torrenting. Before that, torrenting in Japan is a grey area.
>    (On public anger) Protest in Hong Kong against police arresting
>fansubbers: http://www.acgdoge.net/archives/11917 (Use StartPage proxy
>to see it)
>    (On lack of security knowledge) People don't know how BitTorrent
>works. Many technical discussions afterwards still recommend future
>people use unreliable OPSEC methods, including using the Baidu Drive
>over HTTP port 80, using WinRAR volumes to "destroy traffic feature"
>and, using the defunct Perfect Dark.
>My methods:
>- I need to test and evaluate these software first. Many software has
>confusing translations, and has bugs handling file system encoding.
>For example, OnionShare and Stem don't work on my computer. I doubt it
>is that the directory name contains Chinese characters. I emailed
>OnionShare and Stem developer about this.
>- Despite that I am a little bit late, I still need to teach the
>general people how to use anonymity and privacy software, in a way easy
>to understand, easy to memorize and hard to censor.
>I tried to translate tutorials into familiar memes, so people will
>hopefully feel obvious to use anonymity software.
>A modern Chinese meme goes like this: a forum moderator [*] wanted to
>teach people how to take screenshots, so he pretended to be a
>professional (a professional on taking screenshots), showed three
>obvious ways of taking screenshots on Windows 7: (1) Ma Hua Teng [**]
>presses the big button in his chat software; (2) dear Bill Gates
>presses the big button which says "Snipping tool"; (3) "The God of
>Computer" presses the big button on the keyboard. In the last picture,
>it says: "This is you. You still want to use cellphone camera in front
>of computer screen." [***]
>[*] http://imgs.aixifan.com/content/2016_05_30/1464571016.jpg
>[**] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_Huateng
>I want to making using anonymity software obvious, too. I made a poster
>in the meme style, pretending to be a pseudonymous professional, to
>raise curiosity first, and showed what celebrities in computer world
>want "you" to use, but what "you" decided to use at last. I even
>created a printable version:
>At last, the problem I am aware of after making this, is that using
>these software doesn't seem to be easy. Tor Browser comes without many
>required configurations, has a straightforward UI design, but this is
>not the case for I2P, Tahoe-LAFS and RetroShare. There is still many
>work to make anonymity software more accessible to computer beginners,
>which requires not only developers' effort but also public awareness
>and support.
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