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Re: [tor-talk] Building a new censorship circumvention tool: what do we need to know?

Hi ! I have coded My own obfusication proxy(github.com/flipchan/layerprox) i would also recommend checking out scamblesuit, fte and obfs4

Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer <ivan@xxxxxxxxxx> skrev: (20 februari 2017 10:57:41 CET)
>Dear Tor fellows,
>At eQualit.ie we're beginning a project to develop a new Free/Open
>Source censorship circumvention system based around the idea of our
>original [CeNo project](https://github.com/equalitie/ceno), a system
>which uses the Freenet P2P platform to retrieve web content and make it
>safely available under censorship conditions.  We're keen to evaluate
>existing options, projects, technologies and approaches so we're
>conducting something of a literature review.
>With this purpose, we're reaching out to people involved in similar or
>related projects.  We'd love to hear what you think is the current
>of the art in this area, and particularly about technologies you'd
>describe as trustworthy, reliable and established.  In particular,
>looking for tools that have one or more of the following properties:
>  1. Content is available under censorship conditions, ideally even
>     after connection to the Internet has been completely cut for a
>     whole region.
>  2. Censored content is made available within a reasonable time.
>  3. Access to censored dynamic content (i.e. web apps) is possible.
> 4. The system benefits from the user's participation, and is resistant
>    to participants dropping off and to rogue nodes in the hands of the
>     censor.
>  5. Users of the system are anonymous to someone observing their
>     traffic, even if that someone is a participant in the system.
>  6. Users' devices don't reveal the content that they or other users
>     have accessed.
> 7. The system is amenable to privacy-preserving analytics to check its
>     impact.
>We know that we'll probably need a combination of several tools to
>achieve these properties, so we're not looking for a silver bullet but
>rather some advice and suggestions from you that may help us move in
>right direction.  We will be dedicating at least 2 years solid
>development to a chosen infrastructure design and hope to contribute to
>existing models, as part of our (likely hybrid) appraoch to the
>eventuating infrastructure.
>By the way, part of the team will be at the upcoming
>[Internet Freedom Festival](https://internetfreedomfestival.org/) in
>Valencia (6-10 March).  If you plan to be there we'd love to chat with
>you face to face.`:)`
>Thank you very much for your help!
>CENO team <https://lists.equalit.ie/mailman/listinfo/ceno>
>Ivan Vilata i Balaguer
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Sincerly flipchan - LayerProx dev
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