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[tor-talk] Tor / Anons Wanting to Pay for Corp Services [was: Google / CAPTCHA]

On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 4:01 AM, Alec Muffett <alec.muffett@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> One may scream "ZOMG CORPORATE MONETIZATION!!!" but a lot of sites are
> getting more frank about saying "Look, we are funded by advertising, please
> turn off AdBlock or we will just quit and give up"

>> "You're using  ad blocking software.  Our site won't work correctly, if at
>> all."  [see #3 below]
> ...and in fact, if everyone uses them, the site may eventually cease to
> exist. :-)

That's an excuse... then their value proposition and even payment
acceptance and spreading models, to from and among users,
weren't high enough, or frictionless / accessible / compatible
enough for certain users, and they deserve to fail.

Now among those that do have some value for which some
extra payments would help sustain them...

Believe it or not, there are many web services out there that do not
require DNA samples or other IRL real name/ID bs to hold an account,
and when you call / email and ask them nicely if they will accept
cash / money order / *coin denoted with and to your account for
whatever bump in service level that gives you, they refuse such
good tender... foot meets bullet.

This also applies to many of the services that will adblock warn / ban you,
when removing adverts from your account is one of the express benefits
they offer to paid accounts... "pay us and we remove the ads" they taunt
on every page. Well, let us pay you then, take our money, bitches.

So that's two simple things they're not doing that they could...
1) Anon prepay for monthly services (prepay also implies behaviour)
2) Anon deposits for behaviour for free services (the Tor / IP blockers
and SMS/phone harvesters among them)

Corps already accept money, so overhead is baloney,
do not try to make it a counter argument, otherwise we'll
trump it and also pay for the two minutes of part time high
school kid's daily routine needed to process ours.
Nor is compliance, as anon already permitted above.

(BTW, some big compliance service like banks, already
established accounts via various secure means, even
offline / 2FA, so to their credit for those that do that,
they let you login from the entire IPv4 / IPv6 address
spaces, anytime, any action. They smart to see no need
to block Tor etc of their thus established customers.)
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