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[tor-talk] AORTA - others tried it?

I ran across AORTA as a potentially improved replacement for Torsocks.


Note to the author of AORTA (Rob van der Hoeven), I've had AORTA to work on CentOS 7 which shows a kernel version 3.10 but RedHat often backports lots of features into older versioned software. This might be worth noting on the webpage.

**Did anyone else check out AORTA or review its code? Not so much a coder here, I would like to listen to community response/review of this tool.

I had one (chroot?) situation it worked better than Torsocks. But the author doesn't go into detail about his technique of Torification vs. Torsocks. How does it work? Why is it supposed to work under more situations?

Also wonder, what exactly the software does when testing if "Tor handles all Internet traffic"? Is it necessary, what are the consequences of using -c to disable the test?


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