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Re: [tor-talk] AORTA - others tried it?

On my Debian system, programs like Firefox and Chromium do not work
> with TorSocks. For AORTA I haven't been able to find a program that
> does not work under AORTA. Please let me know if you have a program
> that does not work with AORTA.

Well, I'm not sure what is cause this:

$ aorta -c -t telnet abcd1234abcd1234.onion 80

WARNING NOT testing if Tor handles all Internet traffic.

RUNNING telnet abcd1234abcd1234.onion 80
telnet: connect to address Connection timed out
Trying fa93:ac5e:c801:b104:ad21:2e27:0f18:b4f...
telnet: connect to address fa93:ac5e:c801:b104:ad21:2e27:0f18:b4f:  
Invalid argument


OTOH this works fine:

$ torsocks telnet abcd1234abcd1234.onion 80
Connected to abcd1234abcd1234.onion.
Escape character is '^]'.

Why is AORTA failing, also why is result of trying to connect on
"Invalid argument"?

This is strange in multiple ways:

First the address. abcd1234abcd1234.onion cannot be a *real* onion

No, sorry, it's changed from the real address. The point was to observe
aorta timing out a connection while torsocks connecting ok. I found
unpredictable. But happening enough to create doubt in what aorta is

I got a telnet reply when i tried to connect to it with AORTA. The
connection was closed immediate after i got the "Escape character is"

With torsocks the address was not resolved and no connection was

Well, you have discrepancies also. Why is the behavior different? Aren't
both connections going through same tor?

About the IPV6 address in your AORTA session. I do not know how you got
this address.

Doesn't telnet look for IPV6 if IPV4 fails? Where it got lookup, I can't
say. What does aorta do when IPV6 is requested?

AORTA should only resolve to an IPV4 address in the range.


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