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Re: [tor-talk] NYC Event 2/15: Discussion Questions

Thanks for posting this information, George.  I was wondering if you
could expound a bit more on one point:

George wrote:
* Tor and The End of Net Neutrality: What Impact?

The bluntly honest answer was "who knows?" since each state seems to be
countering federal legislation. And as an overlay network, Tor users
might actually be a useful too to mitigate legislation.

By federal legislation are you referring to the FCC removing the Net
Neutrality requirement (which was only a rule change) or is there some
actual legislation about this?  W/o getting bogged down in details can
you give a general idea of what types of things states are doing?  And
how does Tor mitigate any of this?

Sorry if I am a little dense.

Thanks for any response.


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