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Re: [tor-talk] NYC Event 2/15: Discussion Questions

On 2/17/18, George <george@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> * Why is Tor {weak|underutilized} *there*?/What causes the waves and
> troughs in Tor usage in a particular country?
> This question arose in the context of certain countries which see
> significant jumps then declines in usage. The well-known cases of usage
> spikes is usually tied to political turbulence in a particular country,
> in which internet censorship becomes a tactic of repression. But in
> other cases, there might be the adoption of "real identity" tied to
> online accounts, or blocking of specific messaging applications.

I'm talking about this, and repeat:

 1) bad connection to some node, because "goodguys" to block it, or owned it.
 2) captcha/blacklist, because "goodguys" generated lot of bad traffic
 3) forged DNS by "goodguys", using dnscrypt is not simple
 4) turn traffic to hostile territory, where is "goodguys" could control it.

It is necessary to give to lamer the opportunity to manage this.

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