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Re: [tor-talk] ip-api.com sees me

On 2/17/18, Wanderingnet <wanderingnet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> not be snooped. I seem to be unable now to locate the page, but this would
> solve many of the problems of bad nodes in the Tor network, at least if a
> filtered network composed solely of such systems were used. Of course, you
> would wonder why this hadn't been done if it were possible...but then again,

slow down not so hard guys!
i mean "bad" node for me, for user, not for onionwork.

i'm rookie in using the tor, and have some TORubles, which can be
studied to improve the subject. first of all, you must reading the
Interface by JRaskin all the time. i'm rookie for tor, but have some
skills in computing, otherwise I would not have managed with the

So, most often this is
 1) very bad/slow connection with/across  the node
 2) captcha
 3) blacklist
 4) traffic redirection to hostile territory

theOnion should provide to lamer a convenient interface for fast
editing the ExcludeNodes list and method to share it. with onion URL
for example.

Q: by the way, why onion need dot-onion for URL?
     is it possible used just hash without dot?

And another one news: under linux (opera and chrome) ip-api.com
showing my real ip not every time. So far I have no idea why

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