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Re: [tor-talk] Finding "Good" neigbors

On 2/1/18, Lara <lara.tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> what specialized outlets will deliver. As for "legitimate", Silk Road
> And government officials killing people in the hundreds for having the
> wrong skin color is both "upholding the law" and "protecting the
> innocent".

Yes, it is, Ms Croft
People have the right to choose what they need and what they do not.
And the control by all state or public organizations is primarily
commercial interest, I've lot of dirty facts.

This is the control of the elite over the ego. To truly become an
egalitarian society, one must give everyone a reliable anti-espionage
tool. Tor does this, but still not reliable for the layman.

But the network is the lowest level. The society needs a means of
communication (not just chat, it requires an onion video with reliable
authorization) and crypency. Until now, I don't know of a crypency
that would by default be strictly used with Tor, show me. Group
signing in BCN is the good direction, but it is not enough. Direct
network connections make the user vulnerable to special services of
elites, of evil bosses.

Tell me please, if there is a centralized blacklist Tor nodes, like
spam blacklist for email. My list works well, especially with obfs4
bridges, but I'm often not sure about my assessment. In addition, I
have to manually carry it from the device to the device, it would be
good to automate it


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