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Re: [tor-talk] Tor browser and remembering settings

On 2/4/19 2:04 PM, Robin Lee wrote:

There was a regression some time ago in Tor browser that it would no longer remember that java scripts had been allowed for specific sites. Now every time you start Tor browser it has forgotten all your previous settings. I thought it was just some temporary regression but now it has been a while and it has started to bug me so I thought I would ask if it is going to fixed at some point?
I didn't read it closely, but I thought there was something in the changelog for TBB 8.0.5, that would allow users to save settings. If it was supposed to be fixed, it's not working for me.  I still can't export settings.

I've played w/ copying the settings from NS Advanced tab - when "Debug" is checked under the Advanced tab.  Make the changes to NS you want, then select all in the window showing settings for the 3 levels.  Name it, date it - add enough info to file name so you'll know when it was taken, from which TBB version.  The NS settings look to be identical to NS in Firefox, if using the same settings.

The settings file "should" be able to export from *Firefox* & import into TBB, but that needs some testing.
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