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Re: hidden services...

Nick Nolan wrote:
Giorgos Pallas wrote:
| I set up hidden services for testing on my tor server accessible at
| http://ohdktyycimt33ntp.onion
I'm not sure if you realized this or not, but by sending a message
saying that you are running hidden services anonymously you have
compromised your hidden services' anonymity.
Nick Nolan

Well, that was intentional apparently ;-)...

Roger Dingledine wrote: > In theory it is never changed, assuming the directory you point to is > unchanged. For example, if you put it in /tmp/ then it may get erased > by a system utility, and then Tor would find that it's not there (and > recreate it) next time you run Tor. > > You're not the first person to report this phenomenon though. Perhaps > we have a bug somewhere. Can anybody recreate this in a repeatable way?

At least I, could not recreate it... And the worst is that now that I have revealed it, I cannot change it!


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