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Re: Tor crashed

Roger Dingledine wrote:

On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 01:12:05PM +0200, Giorgos Pallas wrote:

#4 0x08065a92 in dns_cancel_pending_resolve (address=0x84e55e8 "pwc.fspn.cryptnet.net") at dns.c:399
#5 0x08058358 in connection_about_to_close_connection (conn=0x80f5350) at connection.c:255

Perfect. I've found at least one bug here, and fixed it. Hopefully it's
the one you've been seeing. :)

The release simply tolerates the bug and prints out a warning
saying "Bug" (which is still better than triggering an assert and crashing
:). Future releases will actually have it fixed.

The random killing of processes still worries me though, especially as
you say it's happening to other processes too. Perhaps you're having
hardware problems?


Many thanks for the prompt response *and* for the new release, to which I just upgraded!

I will report any new strange behaviour...

About hardware problems, I do not think so, because my server has been online for 2 years 24/7/365 and it is absolutely stable. And actually just cron daemon has died twice since I installed tor, which I find awkward taking into consideration that tor runs as a non-privileged user...

Anyway, I'll see how things are going with


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