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Re: [Interoperability] Tor and GNU Anubis

OK, here comes my next question:

My ISP's mail server alows connection from the IP (that's smtp.daniel-s-haischt.biz).

So should I use that IP instead? If yes how should
I setup my mail server (again that's
smtp.daniel-s-haischt.biz) to accept torriefied

Currently I did setup my mail server to accept
valid SMTP AUTH connections ...

Beside that - Does it make sense to torrify smtp

Roman Mamedov schrieb:
Hi, Daniel!

remote-mta # -> Mail server of my ISP
socks-proxy # -> Tor instance

socks-v4 no # ->> GNU Anubis should talk SOCKS 5

Your ISP's mail server probably denies all connections which are from
outside its own network (and rightly so). And guess where the
Torrified connection to the provider's SMTP server comes from? Right,
from one of the Tor exit nodes, which of course is not within your
provider's smtp server's allowed IP range.

With respect,


Mit freundlichen Gruessen / With kind regards
Daniel S. Haischt

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