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Re: [Interoperability] Tor and GNU Anubis

Daniel S. Haischt wrote:

OK, here comes my next question:

My ISP's mail server alows connection from the IP (that's smtp.daniel-s-haischt.biz).

So should I use that IP instead? If yes how should
I setup my mail server (again that's
smtp.daniel-s-haischt.biz) to accept torriefied

Thats a Postfix question.

Currently I did setup my mail server to accept
valid SMTP AUTH connections ...

You need to set it up to only accept authenticated connections (at least from outside your LAN).

Beside that - Does it make sense to torrify smtp

It could. For example you could give a group of dissidents in another country access to your mail relayer.

But they would have to trust you to not spy on them and you would have to trust them not to send spam mail.

Full anonymity is harder because of spam.