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Re: Is Frank the host of wikipedia or merely a control freak in DRAG? was Re: wikipedia vandalism

Matej Kovacic wrote:

So what to do? Let's use anonymity tools, but you will be banned from the

majority of sites (external exclusion), OR build in Tor deanonimization
features for some sites (internal exclusion, voluntary subordination) - and
this list will be just growing (first wikipedia, then banks, then stores,

I do not agree with that, I don't like that, but since I am a sociologist,
this is my professional observation of the problem.

There is still plenty of room for technical solutions.
Some kind of virtual identity plus slashdot style karma.

For wikipedia tor-users would start with karma=-1, only be allowed one edit a day, and the edits would only be visible to logged in users (i.e. not search engines), that choose to view TOR edits. After some positive mod-points, the user would be promoted to a first class user. There could be conflicts in which case karma<0 edits would be discarted.

And it should be done in WikiMedia and similar software instead of every wiki.