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RE: Is Frank the host of wikipedia or merely a control freak in DRAG? was Re: wikipedia vandalism


> If however you are merely a wikipedia user as a lot of us are then why
> do you think your points are more important that my anonymity? or are
> you a control freak in disguise...?
I think this is an important question.

We should not forget why today is hard to find working anonymous proxy and
why it is impossible to get free shell account.

Spammers were abusing these systems. That is also why Tor blocks SMTP

The problem is that there will always be some people who will abuse
anonymity services. But such abuse will not be only pretext for government
to ban them, but it will be also great pretext for corporations and
administrators to ban them. Remember Verizon blocking the whole Europe a few
weeks ago?

The problem in general is that privacy is not alternative anymore. You
"must" abolish your privacy if you want to participate in society and
receive consumer goodies. In exchange you receive "safety" and customization
of services.

So what to do? Let's use anonymity tools, but you will be banned from the
majority of sites (external exclusion), OR build in Tor deanonimization
features for some sites (internal exclusion, voluntary subordination) - and
this list will be just growing (first wikipedia, then banks, then stores,

I do not agree with that, I don't like that, but since I am a sociologist,
this is my professional observation of the problem.

bye, Matej