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Re: [QUESTION] Banned host names

On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 10:22:20PM +0100, Daniel S. Haischt wrote:
> a couple of sec. ago I did try to connect to
> irc.freenode.net using Tor. Unfortunatly I got
> this error message:
> -->
> (22:17:18) tolkien.freenode.net: (notice)
> *** Banned: levin; this host is in active
> use by GNAA kiddies [paulsucks@*]
> (2005/01/07 19.55)
> <--
> How offten does this happen. I think if Tor
> host are getting banned very offten, this
> service might become quite unusable ...

Hi Daniel,

It does not happen consistently, but it does happen sometimes.  It is
possible and reasonable that some Tor nodes are banned from accessing services
for various reasons (for example, the host may be behind a
restrictive firewall, or normal users of the host (the operator, perhaps)
have caused the host to be banned, or other Tor users have caused the
host to be banned.  There is no way to avoid this.

Ultimately, it is up to freenode (and other resource providers) to
determine whether they want Tor users or not.  Tor is not masking its
presence in any way.  If Freenode hates Tor and believes Tor to be an
evil-open-proxy, then Freenode has the privilege to ban it just as it
would ban any user.


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