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Hidden service behind NAT?

I have one of those wireless routers from the local hardware store - they are everywhere.  My public IP from my cable ISP is dynamic, but that doesn't matter for the purpose of testing.  I setup a webserver (sambar) at port 8999.  I can use TOR (and Privoxy) as a proxy to access my server so I'm fairly certain that the firewall, and port forwarding etc works.  But I cannot access my server using the .onion address generated in the hostname file.
I made only two modifications on the default torrc:
HiddenServiceDir F:/Documents and Settings/UserA/Application Data/Tor/hidden_service/
HiddenServicePort 8999
I tried to set the log files using similiar filenames but it doesn't work.  I'm using two computers for testing running two seperate TORs.
Do you need to be a TOR server to run a hidden service?  The doc seems to allow clients.
Is running a hidden service behind NAT has similar problems to running a server?  I don't think TOR knows my public IP and I couldn't find a place to enter it.

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