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RE: (FWD) Using Tor with IRC/Chat clients

Here is example of FTP working and then not in same session:

227 Entering Passive Mode (***,***,**,***,**,**)
    Opening data connection IP: ***,***,**,***,**,** PORT: *****.
    LIST -aL
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for directory listing.
    6888 bytes received successfully. (2.24 KB/s) (00:00:03).
226 Transfer complete.

227 Entering Passive Mode (***,***,**,***,**,***)
    Opening data connection IP: ***,***,**,***,**,*** PORT: *****.
    SOCKS5: Got no response from firewall. Session aborted.

Sometimes it works in binary mode as well so that doesn't seem to make any
difference.  ASCII v Binary.

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Andrew I do not know about IRC but I do know I have had similar trouble with
FTP clients.  If the application supports socks you do not need to use
sockscap.  I am not quite sure how this works but I believe with FTP in
passive mode the client initiates the request to open a data channel which
needs to be excepted by the server.  I think that if the server does not
have the right support or is not configured to support passive socks data
connections than it sends a request back which tor refuses.  I believe that
tor socks client will only allow outgoing data connections as allowing
incoming would defeat the anonymity purpose.

SocksCap does support socks4 and socks5.  Under socks5 there are options as
to where you want the dns names resolved.  I think in this case we want them
all resolved remotely.  Try sockcap in socks5 resolve remotely and sockisfiy
your app.  That doesn't seem to work with ftp because I think the issue is
on the server end.  Funny thing is sometimes FTP will work and other times
not on the same server.  It gets messed up when the client attempts to open
a data connection at the server.

227 Entering Passive Mode (**,**,***,***,**,**)
    Opening data connection IP: **,**,***,***,**,** PORT: 5912.
    LIST -aL
530 PASV command only accepts connection from client IP address
550 List failed. No port specified.
200 NOOP command successful.

Don't know how much of this applies to your trouble.  And someone please
straighten me out where I am wrong.


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Subject: (FWD) Using Tor with IRC/Chat clients

[Fwding to the list because Andrew isn't subscribed. Andrew, please post
next time from an address that is subscribed. -RD]

Andrew: Right, Privoxy only deals with HTTP. Your other applications are
presumably speaking some other protocol.

Can somebody here answer the question about sockscap?


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Subject: Using Tor with IRC/Chat clients
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I have Tor .92 running fine with Privoxy 3.03 and Firefox 1.0, but when
I try to use my mail client or IRC client, then the connection always
fails through Privoxy).  I'm not really a network guru so it's quite
possible that i've totally misunderstood how it should be used:

Mail/IRC/MSN Messenger work fine through Tor on it's own, as I specify
Tor localhost:9050 as the Socks4 proxy, but Tor gives the message that
the IP is being leaked, so I try to forward it through Privoxy on
localhost:8118 to hide my IP, but in every case, the connection is
refused.  Does Privoxy only work with web browsers?  When I specify the
proxy address in my client application, I understand that I have to
choose a HTTP client when using port 8118 on Privoxy, like I did with

I have Sockscap so that I can run a non-socks client through that, to
socksify them, but  cannot remember now if Sockscap supports a Socks4a
proxy.  If it does, should I run my other apps through Sockscap and
choose Socks4a, even if the client itself already has support for
Socks4/5?  Is that how I should protect my IP when not using Privoxy?

Or have I misunderstood the usage of Privoxy??  How else can I protect
my anonymity with non-browser clients?  Btw, I am most interested in
IRC/chat anonymity, not mail--I just gave that as an example.

Andrew Henry

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