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RE: Hardware requirements for a tor server

I was just brielfly watching the load on mine. 2.4 ghz cpu and it was using
3 to 6%.  Memory usage is 1500 to 8500 K in the time I am watching here.
That?s with an average of 25 KBs up and down.  

All the above is from the client though I believe.  My server has not been
validated yet so I don't think it is getting much traffic.  I will post more
when server is validated and nothing else is running.  I would imagine it
depends on the bandwidth setting too.

Just curious.....If we have lots of middleman servers with low bandwidth
settings will that improve bandwidth and speed for the overall network?  I
can see where it would for bit torrent maybe, but it would seem it would
cause bottle necks for point to point.

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I'm thinking about setting up an own torserver. I want to use a computer
which has a 1,7GHz CPU and 256 MB RAM (100 Mbit net connection). How
much load should I expect on an average day? What hardware requirements
would you suggest for such a server?

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