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Re: Hardware requirements for a tor server

Jens Kubieziel wrote:


I'm thinking about setting up an own torserver. I want to use a computer
which has a 1,7GHz CPU and 256 MB RAM (100 Mbit net connection). How
much load should I expect on an average day? What hardware requirements
would you suggest for such a server?

My guess is that you will certainly not run into any problems. I run tor on 400 MHz AMD K6-II (a generation before AMD ATHLON), with 128 RAM and a 100 Mbit connection to the internet and it goes fine (Average load ~ 1.00). You must of course know in advance that the volume of traffic is huge! My server's in + out traffic is ~30 GB /day ! Of course if your server resides at a university's campus you won't have any problem with bandwidth usage...


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