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Re: Hardware requirements for a tor server

Schneelocke wrote:

You must of course know in advance that the volume of traffic is
huge! My server's in + out traffic is ~30 GB /day ! Of course if your
server resides at a university's campus you won't have any problem with
bandwidth usage...

That really depends. I think I recall that the network connecting german universities (the DFN) was switched from a "pay a flat fee for your access" to a traffic-based price model some years ago - I'm not sure if that's still what things are like, but if yes, then universities are probably going to be less tolerant of high-traffic applications like that, especially if they don't benefit from them themselves.

Well, you are right. I really can't know about the policies of all universities, I just thought of the example of Greece where all univerisities enjoy a 1-10 Gbps connection without paying to the connecting network (GRNET). Anyway, the traffic can be adjusted though a couple of parameters in the config files..,

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