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Re: Hardware requirements for a tor server

On Sat, Jan 15, 2005 at 06:34:36PM +0100, Jens Kubieziel wrote:
> I'm thinking about setting up an own torserver. I want to use a computer
> which has a 1,7GHz CPU and 256 MB RAM (100 Mbit net connection). How
> much load should I expect on an average day? What hardware requirements
> would you suggest for such a server?

Hi Jens,

This should be plenty of hardware for a Tor server.

Note that most of the cpu use comes from handling lots of clients,
so by scaling back your bandwidth use (e.g. by setting BandwidthRate),
you'll also be scaling back your advertised bandwidth capacity and thus
your cpu requirements.

Giorgos is sort of a special case -- his server has a particularly open
exit policy, so it gets picked more often than others. (This is good --
we need more people willing to exit to most ports.)

Does that help to answer your question? Usually as long as you've got
200-300mhz you should be all set.