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Re: (FWD) Problems with Tor in user-mode-linux

Bernhard Wiedemann wrote:

maybe there is no memory leak and for some reason tor needs 0.7MB per connection for normal operation... unlikely.
Unluckily I dont know enough about why and when tor forks and processes stop... but for the curious I recorded some outputs of
ps ax| perl -ne 'if(!/tor\.pid/){next} m/^\s*(\d+)/;print $1,"\n"; system "grep ^Vm /proc/$1/status"'
that can be found at http://lsmod.de/~bernhard/tor/

Giorgos Pallas problem seems to be related to this.

Perhaps, a TOR configuration parameter which would allow the admin to specify how much memory is TOR allowed to allocate would be useful. I just installed Let's see how good it deals with memory...

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