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Re: privoxy problem on OpenBSD

slrner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> >Although I can use TOR directly, I am having difficulty incorporating
> >privoxy.  I am using OpenBSD 3.6, Firefox 0.8, TOR, and
> >privoxy  TOR is compiled locally, and privoxy and Firefox
> >are the pre-compiled binary packages shipped with the OpenBSD
> >distribution.

You got Firefox to work on OpenBSD 3.6? You lucky dog. :) It fails 
hilariously for me.

> >If I enable privoxy as well as TOR, the first one or 2 selected links
> >will download, and thereafter it will hang forever.  The fact that it
> >works for a few links suggests to me that the configuration is
> >correct.

Yes, I got the same result with Konqueror -> Privoxy -> Tor on OpenBSD 
3.6. In my case, Privoxy reliably saw and logged the first three 
requests given it by Konqueror, but nothing after that. This was the 
case both when Privoxy was configured to use Tor and when not so 

> First, a comment to help the second person using OpenBSD with TOR
> (apparently, I am the first).

As a client, I only tried it last night. But I've been running Tor as a 
server on OpenBSD with good results for 9 months or so.

I think the thing to do is bring it up with the maintainer of the 
OpenBSD Privoxy port. Looking at /usr/ports/www/privoxy/Makefile, I see 
the maintainer is listed as Dan Weeks <danimal@xxxxxxxxxxx>. He happens 
to be a friend of mine and I know for a fact that he has renounced all 
OBSD port maintainership. So Privoxy for OpenBSD is currently 

Roger, stop laughing!

Chris Palmer
Technology Manager, Electronic Frontier Foundation
415 436 9333 x124 (desk), 415 305 5842 (cell)

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