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wikipedia vandalism

I've just had to block all Tor outproxies that do port 80 from editing
Wikipedia[1], due to repeated vandalism. Those of you who use
wikipedia and edit articles from the same address they run a tor port
80 outproxy on will want to add 

(this blocks the outproxy from accessing wikipedia) and mail me, and
I'll remove the block. 

I assume wikipedia isn't the only one with trouble in this regard
though. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have filters for certain
known protocols (like HTTP) you can put on their assigned ports that
block certain actions, like POST requests. People could still enable
POST if they really wanted (and get blocked from wikipedia and other
sites), but it would make our lives much easier and also surprise
fewer people with blocks from wikipedia and other sites (or worse,
complaints to their ISP).

1: http://www.wikipedia.org

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