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Re: You think you can hide your ip?

Why not building a small linux system image for one of those embedded
i suggested this before..

(just copied from one of my old mails)

for example:
(it is a little embedded pc - quite cheap - form factor of a normal home
use router)
wireless mini-pci cards are optional - so it could be used as a wireless
access point, too.

the whole thing should be configurable via webinterface, like for example
the m0n0wall linux firewall (they also use the wrap hardware):
(see here: http://m0n0.ch/wall/ )

features should include:
- webadministration
- possibility to run as server, client, hidden service (forward to local
- built in proxy
- ...
- independent trust system (external directory service or something)

(if the box images would be precompiled they could be more trustworthy,
of course sources should be availiable, too)

only a quick idea - you probably have even more ideas...
perhaps we should look at the m0n0wall project... i think there are some
ideas realized, which could
be used for a tor-in-a-box project, too:

quoute from m0n0wall:
" m0n0wall is probably *the first UNIX system that has its boot-time
configuration done with PHP*,
rather than the usual shell scripts, and that has *the entire system
configuration stored in XML format*."


M schrieb:
> >> How the heck can you route all trafiic through Tor? I am wondering
> because
> >> I would like to do that myself.......
> You can do this by using a router box, iptables and some other software.
> Found this from my sent emails (This isn't meant to be step-by-step howto,
> just some pointers):
> --------------------------------------------------
> I assume that you're familiar compiling stuff from source and so on...
> First you must download and compile Dante, transocks needs some libraries
> from it:
> ftp://ftp.inet.no/pub/socks/dante-1.1.18.tar.gz
> (the usual "tar xfvz dante-1.1.18.tar.gz && cd dante-1.1.18", read README
> and INSTALL, "./configure && make && make install")
> I compiled transsocks against dante-1.1.14, try that if 1.1.18 doesn't
> work
> (transocks.c failed to compile against dante-1.1.15).
> Download and compile transocks. I attached a simple patch by me to
> transocks.c, it adds verbose option and some help, you can apply it by
> "patch -p1 < transocks.patch" and when it asks a file to patch just type
> path to transocks.c.
> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/transocks/transocks/
> Compile transocks by typing "make" and copy freshly compiled transocks to
> /usr/local/sbin/.
> Install iptables if you already dont have it.
> Copy attached transocksify.sh to /usr/local/sbin/ and edit it to suit your
> needs.
> Edit /etc/socks.conf to look like following:
> route {
>       from:   to:   via: port = 9050
>       proxyprotocol: socks_v4
>       method: none
>       protocol: tcp
> }
> Edit /etc/tor/torrc, change
> SocksBindAddress
> to
> SocksBindAddress routers_local_ip
> where routers_local_ip is your routers nics local address (LAN), example
> Run /usr/local/sbin/transocks && /usr/local/sbin/transocksify.sh and
> test if
> it works... I assume that you have working Tor installation.
> If everything goes right I recommend that you install Privoxy and
> Squid for
> http connections. I have following setup: for traffic going out to port 80
> client -> squid -> privoxy -> tor, other ports are directed straight
> to Tor,
> everything else is dropped. Privoxy filters out some bad javascript and
> stuff that could break your privacy.
> ------------------------------------------------------
> M