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Re: You think you can hide your ip?

Thanks for the info M, but I am running windows ..... what you described looked like it was for linux or something........Very interesting though :)

M wrote:

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How the heck can you route all trafiic through Tor? I am wondering because
I would like to do that myself.......

You can do this by using a router box, iptables and some other software.

Found this from my sent emails (This isn't meant to be step-by-step howto,
just some pointers):

- --------------------------------------------------
I assume that you're familiar compiling stuff from source and so on...

First you must download and compile Dante, transocks needs some libraries
from it:
(the usual "tar xfvz dante-1.1.18.tar.gz && cd dante-1.1.18", read README
and INSTALL, "./configure && make && make install")

I compiled transsocks against dante-1.1.14, try that if 1.1.18 doesn't work
(transocks.c failed to compile against dante-1.1.15).

Download and compile transocks. I attached a simple patch by me to
transocks.c, it adds verbose option and some help, you can apply it by
"patch -p1 < transocks.patch" and when it asks a file to patch just type
path to transocks.c.

Compile transocks by typing "make" and copy freshly compiled transocks to

Install iptables if you already dont have it.

Copy attached transocksify.sh to /usr/local/sbin/ and edit it to suit your

Edit /etc/socks.conf to look like following:

route {
      from:   to:   via: port = 9050
      proxyprotocol: socks_v4
      method: none
      protocol: tcp

Edit /etc/tor/torrc, change

SocksBindAddress routers_local_ip

where routers_local_ip is your routers nics local address (LAN), example

Run /usr/local/sbin/transocks && /usr/local/sbin/transocksify.sh and test if
it works... I assume that you have working Tor installation.

If everything goes right I recommend that you install Privoxy and Squid for
http connections. I have following setup: for traffic going out to port 80
client -> squid -> privoxy -> tor, other ports are directed straight to Tor,
everything else is dropped. Privoxy filters out some bad javascript and
stuff that could break your privacy.
- ------------------------------------------------------

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