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Re: Question about HiddenServices and...

On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 03:55:11PM +0100, Marvin Preuss wrote:
> ...Server configuration :) Hi,
> so i have two questions. the first one is about hidden services. when i
> set up a hidden service can it point to a other url except localhost?


> i just saw the example with google but im still not sure about it. so i
> need to have my webserver running somewhere and i need to have tor
> running somewhere.


> on which port the tor needs to listen to that things
> are working? 9050 from outside? cause i would have it running behind nat.

To run a hidden service, your Tor connects *out*, and then the people
accessing your hidden service use those outbound connections to get
to your service.

This means you can run a hidden service from anywhere that can reach
the Tor network. It doesn't have to have a routable network address.
It's hidden, after all.

> and the other question is about BandwidthBurst for my tor server. i dont
> understand it exactly what this is doing. i would be really helpful for
> every help :)


Perhaps ask a more concrete question?