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Re: Lots of errors in logs (>300mb)

On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 12:32:02AM -0500, circut@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hey guys, I'm running tor- on linux. I'm running an onion router 
> on my box, and I'm seeing alot of these errors in my tor.log:
> Jan 30 00:25:30.735 [notice] onion_pending_add(): Already have 100
> onions queued. Closing.
> Jan 30 00:25:30.735 [warn] command_process_create_cell(): Failed to hand
> off onionskin. Closing.
> These were filling my logs up like crazy, so I just removed those log 
> lines from the code and recompiled. 
> Just wanted to know if there was a better facility for limiting those
> logs. I can't imagine those log entries being anything serious right?

These are very serious. They mean that your Tor server is overloaded
and can't keep up with the clients trying to use it. I've just changed
the log message to be more helpful:

"Your computer is too slow to handle this many circuit creation
 requests! Please consider using the MaxAdvertisedBandwidth config
 option or choosing a more restricted exit policy."

Does that help? My best guess is either that you're running on a 20mhz
processor, or you set your exit policy to accept *:*, or both.