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Re: dynamically changable options in torrc?

On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 01:29:20PM -0500, Josh wrote:
> Is there a list of what options may be changed without restarting
> the tor process? (i.e., change and kill -HUP <torpid>)

See options_transition_allowed() in

Currently everything is allowed to change except PidFile, RunAsDaemon,
DataDirectory, User, Group, and HardwareAccel.

Note that there's a bug in that makes your Tor crash
when you enable ORPort -- this is fixed in CVS.

> By experimentation, I've discoverd that the various bandwidth
> limiting options are changable.  How about hidden services?

Sure. For lots more details, see section 3.1 and the end of 3.3 in
and also