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Re[2]: TOR log question

Yes I installed from the last available release (alpha)

I am running XP-SP2, updated,

These error happen now less often than with the previous releases, but
happen sometimes.

The DIR and the files ARE there!

Currently the cached-routers.new is 15 ko, from 10 minutes ago,
BUT I got an error message that this file couldn't be stored on the
disk, 40 minutes ago!

Same for cached-routers, size is about 1300 ko.

Thank you!

> On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 01:35:14AM -0500, force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I receive regular error messages like these 2:
>> "Error writing router store to disk"
>> and
>> "Error replacing "[mypath]/cached-routers.new": File exists"
>> "Error replacing "[mypath]/cached-routers": File exists"
>> "Error replacing "[mypath]/cached-routers.new": Permission denied"
>> I am using WinXP...
>> Despite this, it seems that TOR is running well, using the last Alfa, the last TorCP interface and Privoxy.

> Interesting. This sounds like a bug somewhere. Did you install
> from the latest bundle from the Tor webpage? Are you running Windows XP
> SP2, or something else?

> 1) do these errors happen often?
> 2) are they repeatable?
> 3) is the directory there?
> 4) are the files there?
> 5) if they're there, what size are they?

> --Roger