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Re: Tor bug?

David Edwards wrote:

I have my network connection setup to point to Tor on and port 8118. I'm running several browsers:
Safari, Camino 10.b1 and Firefox 1.5, with

I think I sense a problem already. It's Privoxy, an HTTP proxy, that listens on 8118. Tor listens on port 9050 for SOCKS connections.

The Privoxy configuration that is installed by the Mac installer is set to use Tor as a SOCKS proxy; thus, you have two ways of using Tor with your web browser:

1. Tell your web browser to use Privoxy as an HTTP (and HTTPS) proxy; Privoxy will then in turn use Tor.

2. Tell your browser to use Tor as a SOCKS proxy.

Normally, #1 is preferable. See Step Two in <http://tor.eff.org/cvs/tor/doc/tor-doc-osx.html>.

Finally, please note that questions about using Tor should be sent to or-talk@, not tor-webmaster@. You'll need to subscribe to or-talk@ before you can post. See Mailing List Information in <http://tor.eff.org/documentation.html.en>.