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Re: Tor and Thunderbird: Outgoing Email Unsafe?

Tanks Mike for your fast and helpful replies

I am not that worried about traces of activities left on my computer. I just want to be sure receivers of email wont be able t see my IP and stuff.
So if i use a web based email and use firefox with Tor to access it with my normal settings(the settings that I always use when i use the Internet) so not a totally separate profile.The receiver still wont be able to trace me right? I understand that for complete security I should make a new browser profile so the cookies wont mix. but as cookies are on my own computer they have nothing to do with any info the receiver of email might be able to get from the header or whatever of the email i sent, am i correct?

Some web based email services,like mail.com if i am not mistaken, give you the option to download a little prog that warns you when a new emailis in.
Does this affect my anonymity? I suppose it does as the server from mail.com will connect to my comp to tell me there is a new message. On the other hand, if I use tor enabled firefox wouldn't that connection also be anonymous?

last question: Why cant I access the account without Tor?(safety wise i mean). As long as i dont send any emails to anyone isnt it safe? I understand my ISP and mail.com will be able to trace me but not receivers of emails as I am not sending any at that moment.

Michael Holstein schreef:
ps: am i correct that if i use a webbased email account(for example gmail) without pop3 and I use (Torified)Firefox to acces it I CAN send emails out without the receiver being able to see my personal IP etc?
I dont mind of they se my email address ofcourse as they need that to reply to me, just dont want them to be able to view my info.

Yes. TOR and (yahoo|hotmail|gmail|$whatever) is an anonymous way to go about it. Just make sure you use a totally separate browser profile (eg: start firefox with -ProfileManager) as to not cross-contaminate cookies, etc. and do everything regarding that email account -- including signup -- using TOR, and never access it outside of TOR, nor access anything else with that browser profile.