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Re: Transparent proxy won't work with mingw under win32

Li-Hui Zhou <lhzhou@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've noticed this warn message when ./configure for some time:
> configure: Transparent proxy support enabled, but missing headers.
> Does it mean that transparent proxy won't work with mingw under win32?

Tor doesn't intercept the packets itself, but relies on
a packet filter to do it. Of course Tor also has to know
the real destination of the intercepted packets and therefore
has to interact with the intercepting mechanism. In other
words it "only" works for the supported ones and you can't
just use every packet filter out there.

I don't know if Windows itself can intercept and redirect packets,
but even if it can, I would assume that it doesn't use
one of the mechanisms supported by Tor (PF, natd and iptables
if I remember correctly).

I heard that PF was ported to Windows, but I don't know
if the ioctl interface was ported as well, probably it
wasn't. You might look into it anyway, if the ioctl
interface is available it should work.

> How can you devs fix this?

By finding a redirecting mechanism that works on
Windows and teaching Tor how to interact with it.

Of course the first question isn't "how", but "is it
worth the time". For someone who doesn't use Windows
the answer is probably no and the easiest way to
"fix" it would be to send a working patch to the developers.

Note that I'm not a Tor developer and this isn't
an authoritative response.


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