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Re: Letter from the feds

"Alexander Janssen" <alexander.janssen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> my turn for a story to tell now. I run the TOR-server "wormhole" in
> Germany.

I run Zwiebelsuppe and Zwiebelkuchen.
> On the 28th of December I got a letter from the BKA (the german
> Federal Office of Criminal Investigation). The content of the letter
> was something like that:
> "The owner of the IP-Addres $my_servers_address is suspected of
> posession of child pornography. Hereby we order you to tell us the
> real name of the owner and disclose all relevant logfiles according to
> §113 TKG in the time of the 26th of October, 7:00 PST. We also demand
> the names of all your customers which use your service and we inform
> you that disclosing our request to your customers may be punishable."

I got a similar letter about two weeks earlier,
but the language was quite polite and no punishment promised.

The BKA was interested in the person who used my exit nodes
at the 26th of October, 6:40 PST, so I guess the thought
crime offender was the same.

I explained what Tor does and why German law forbids me
to log the information they wanted and haven't heard
anything back so far.

> Hm, they finally seem to have come to their senses. They really scared
> the shit out of my wife and me, believe me. I don't know if their
> floppy requests was intentional or not or if they wanted to scare me,
> but that's nothing a lawyer can sort out.

Unfortunately you'll still have to pay the lawyer yourself.


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